Covid-19 Home prep requirement

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Due to the onset of Covid 19 and the uncertainty accompanying the current situation we respectfully request the following is complete prior to arrival: 


Upon the photographers arrival the home should be ready for the photo shoot. We do understand that presenting a home can be an art but rest assured we will give you all the tips needed to stage it correctly. 


The Photographer will do their best to minimize the touching and or contact of anything in the home. The photographer will be using hand sanitizer and their mouths will be covered to prevent cough exposure to surfaces. They will also  clean their equipmnet between jobs. It is understood that there will be a need in most cases to open and close doors and the home owner may wish to sanitize for their own protection.  


  • The occupants of an inhabited dwelling will not be permitted to be in the home during the photo shoot and a safe 2 meter  plus distance must be maintained if they will be at the home to greet the photographer prior to their exit of the dwelling.   

  • All doors to be open and stacked

  • Kids toys to be hidden away where possible or neatly stacked 

  • Pool net to be removed and hidden 

  • Bathrooms to be clear of containers/tooth brushes/ kids bath toys 

  • Bathroom toilet seat down

  • Jacuzzi cover removed and hidden if possible 

  • ALL bath and shower bottles to be removed for best presentation 

  • Cars in the driveway. Please move any vehicles that may be in the driveway. 

  • The home should be Neat and Clean. Please have all clutter removed, put extra “stuff” away. The beds should be made and furniture should be dusted. Mirrors and windows should be clean. If you don't want something in the photo please remove it.   

  • Lights and Fans. All ceiling fans should be off, all lights should be on. It is understood that the photographer will shoot the home as is. 

It is understood by all parties that a person can be a carrier of the virus prior to showing any symptoms.   

If anyone in the home is showing any signs of illness it is required that the photographer be notified prior to the photo shoot so that decisions can be made as to how to proceed.   


The outbreak of Covid 19 Corona Virus is a serious concern and should not taken lightly. 


Photography gone wild and Snap App Pro are  doing what we can to follow the WHO guidelines in an attempt to minimize any risk that might be associated with our services, your cooperation in this matter is of the utmost importance. We cannot guarantee that these measures will prevent exposure to Coronvirus Covid 19 by any parties. By accepting these terms and allowing the photographer to access the home or business the agent(s), seller(s) and occupants agree to hold harmless any representative photography gone wild or Snap App Pro for any health related issues that could arise from their presence and the performance of their job.  


Thanks in advance and we look forward to really taking you Listing to the next level.